Ingredients : 

°2/3 tsp. salt

°12c. tsp thyme (powder)

°1/2c. tablespoon basil (powder)

°1/3c. oregano (powder)

°1 C. celery salt

°1 C. black pepper

°1 C. powdered mustard

°4c. paprika

°2c. garlic salt

°1 C. ground ginger

°3c. white pepper

°1 C. tablespoon monosodium glutamate (optional)

°475g wheat flour

°1 beaten egg

°1 chicken cut into pieces

°235ml buttermilk



1. Mix herbs, spices and flour together. To book.

2. Mixing buttermilk also beaten egg. Marinated chicken in this mix, at room temperature, for 20 to 30 mn.

3. Removing chicken from marinade. Make the breadcrumbs: stir the pieces in the flour-herb-spice mixture (they must be well coated). Let the pieces rest on a plate at room temperature for 20 mn.

Enjoy !

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