I used a large packet of Oreo cookies.
°1/2 cup. Melted butter.
°Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix – I used 2 containers.
°3 ¼ Cups. Very cold milk.
°Thawed Cool Whip – you will need 2 blocks of 8 oz.
°Softened cream cheese; you will need 1 block of 8 oz.
°Granulated sugar; I used 1 cup.
Step 1
Take a big bag with a zipper and put all the Oreo cookies in it. After completely closing the bag, set it on the counter.
2nd step
Break the cookies into small pieces or crumbs by crushing them with a rolling pin. You want them to still have size and fatness, but you don’t want them to be crumbs.
Step 3
Keep about a third of the cookie crumbs in a separate bowl for garnish. Pour the remaining cookie crumbs into a 9×13 pan.
Step 4
After pouring the melted butter over the breadcrumbs, mix the two ingredients well, mixing them together. Once the ingredients are combined, press them into the pan to create a crust.
Step 5
Combine the two canned pudding mixes and the milk in a bowl using a whisk, then place in the refrigerator to cool and set.
Step 6
Mix cream cheese in medium bowl until completely smooth. Add the powdered sugar in a measured way. Mix contents of one carton of Cool Whip.
Step 7
Cover cookie crust with mixture and spread evenly. After that, spread the chocolate pudding over the entire surface of the cream cheese mixture.
Step 8
Over chocolate pudding layer, evenly spread remaining container of Cool Whip.
Step 9
Scatter the remaining cookie crumbs on top. Then, once covered, put it in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.

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