Pineapple Serve Ice Cream


°450 g of pineapple frozen by your care cut your pineapple into pieces and place them in the freezer a few hours before or better, the old
°20 cl of vanilla soy milk or milk (or 1 soy yoghurt, or 2 small Swiss cheese, or 1 cow or sheep yoghurt, or 200g well-drained fromage blanc strainer
°1 tbsp vanilla extract (liquid or powder)
°10 tbsp agave syrup you can replace with honey or maple syrup
Put everything in the bowl of a food processor.
Start in pulse mode with short pulses, then mix frankly until you obtain a perfectly creamy consistency.
Serve immediately or freeze in a plastic container for no more than 4 hours otherwise the ice cream will lose its softness.
If you need to freeze the ice cream longer, take it out 20 minutes before you eat it.
Enjoy !

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