Although they may seem to be pancakes, they are not. You won’t be able to live the same life after trying them, I promise

 I’ve always had a thing for cornbread since I’m a Southern gal at heart. However, nothing beats the mouthwatering crisp texture of fried cornbread. My grandmother used to spend hours in the kitchen making the greatest fried cornbread I’ve ever tasted when I was a child. It has always been my favorite dish, but until I discovered her trade secret recipe, I had no idea how to prepare it on my own. “Southern Cornmeal Hoecakes” is another name for this specific dish.

This cherished dish is made all the more appealing by the rich history associated with the moniker “Southern Cornmeal Hoecakes.” It has an intriguing history and is a throwback to a time when farming and agriculture were essential to Southern culture. Farmers in the rural areas of the South, where corn was a primary crop, tended their fields and tilled the soil using a device known as a “hoe.”

These diligent workers would often use cornmeal to quickly and nutritiously make round cakes, which they would then fry on a hot griddle or pan after a long day of work. The name “hoecakes” was given to these unassuming yet tasty treats in honor of the tool that was essential to the growth of the maize used to produce them. Thus, the term Southern Cornmeal Hoecakes captures the essence of this beloved recipe’s rustic charm, substantial nourishment, and strong ties to Southern tradition.

I promise you that after making this dish, your life won’t be the same! The crunchy and golden cornmeal cakes will just melt in your tongue. These may be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or supper and go well with a wide range of toppings, from traditional butter and honey to flavorful meats and cheeses. You will want to save this recipe for later use, I promise.

Deep-fried Cornflakes

Ingredients: two-thirds cup cornmeal

One-third cup self-rising flour

Half a cup of reduced-fat buttermilk

Cooking oil

One big egg


1. Place the big egg, low-fat buttermilk, self-rising flour, and cornmeal in a bowl. Blend the components well by completely mixing them. The mixture should be somewhat runny but yet have a wet consistency.

2. Heat some oil in a skillet. (You may use your favorite oil or around three teaspoons of coconut oil.)

3. Carefully pour spoonfuls of the batter into the heated oil, taking care not to pack the pan too full. (The method of cooking is similar to that of regular pancakes.)

4. Cook until one side of the fritters is browned, then turn them over to brown the other side.

5. After the fritters are done, place them on a paper towel-lined dish. Using paper towels, gently press the fritters to absorb any extra oil.

6. Present! 

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