Super fluffy, easy-to-make wheat-free cake recipe

This recipe for a delicious, fluffy wheat-free cake is perfect for breakfast or as a snack. Using a pen and paper, list all the ingredients and the preparation instructions.

Recipe for light, fluffy, wheat-free cake

For those seeking a delectable and nutrient-rich dessert, wheat-free cake is a delightful and healthful cooking alternative. Keeping in mind that we will begin by enumerating every component, begin by separating each one, followed by the whole process of preparation.

Ingredients: 3 eggs

One cup of coconut oil

One cup almond milk

two cups of rice flour

One cup of brown sugar

One-third tsp baking powder

One tsp vanilla extract


The oven should first be preheated to 356 °F, or 180 °C. Next, beat the eggs and brown sugar together in a bowl until a smooth consistency is achieved.

After that, thoroughly mix in the almond milk and coconut oil.

Add the rice flour next, and stir one more. Once the mixture is smooth, add the vanilla essence and baking powder.

Lastly, place the dough in a pan that has been coated with rice flour and coconut oil.

Finally, bake the cake for approximately 30 minutes, or until it’s soft and brown.

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