° Evaporated milk, I use a well chilled 12 OZ can.
° Lemon Jello Gelatin, I use -3 oz, but you can using any taste you want.
 ° Cream-cheese, you will want PKG.Og-8oz-. • 1m. And 2/3 graham crumbs.
° 1 C water.
° 1 C sugar.
° 1/2 c. icing sugar
° 6 T. Margarine, you need to melt it.
° 4 T. Fresh lemon juice.
* Instructions :
Step 1 – Shake the evaporated milk, to start, also let cool for at least an hour to cool.
Step 2 – Melt Lemon Jello in hot water in  shallow mixing bowl with wire whisk about 2 min.
Step 3 – Mix graham crumbs with icing sugar and melted butter. To decorate, keep a third cup of batter.
Step 4 – Firmly push the rest into the bottom of a medium sized plate. Put it in the freezer.
Step 5 – Blend cream cheese with sugar also lemon or vanilla juice in other large mixing bowl, using a blender, to creamy & fluffy.
Whisk until well blended into cooled jelly.
Now cool the mixture.
Step 6 – Shake the package again and drain the chilled milk which can be evaporated into another large mixing cup. Beat, until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes, on a high beater. Add the cream cheese/jelly mixture.
Step 7 – Over the cooled crust, pour the mixture.
Step 8 – Sprinkle the rest of the breadcrumb mixture on top. Until cut into squares, let cool for several h.
Enjoy !

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