Mac and Cheese


°Macaroni 300g
°Grated cheddar 180g
°Butter 20g
°Flour 20g
°Milk 40cl
°Dijon mustard half tsp
°Breadcrumbs 60g
°Melted butter 20g
Cook the macaroni in a pot of salted water as directed at the package. Drain them and set aside.
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Prepare the béchamel: in a saucepan, soften the 20 g of butter, then upload the equal amount of flour, blending constantly. Add the milk little with the aid of using little, nevertheless stirring, till the sauce thickens.
Adding mustard also salt, mixing for 2/3 min Adding 3/4 of grated cheddar (rest might be use for browning), blending till to procure homogeneous cream & cast off from heat.
Stir the macaroni sauce to coat them properly and pour right into a gratin dish.
Mix the breadcrumbs with the 20 g of melted butter and sprinkle the macaroni with it, in addition to the ultimate grated cheddar.
To finish
Bake for approximately 30 minutes, till the top is golden brown.
Enjoy !

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