Stuffed Cabbage Rolls



°1 kale

°600g pork

°150g Rice

°2 onions

°20cl broth chicken

°2 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil

°300g Tomato coulis

°1 tsp. paprika mocha

°12 stalks of green spring onions



*Preparation steps

Removing stalk from your cabbage, removing first leaves & strip it. Remove the large ribs from your cabbage leaves.

In pot, boil quantity of salt water. Immerse your cabbage leaves in portions of 4 also blanch them for 10 min. Refreshing them immediately in ice water to maintain their beautiful color.

Removing first skin from your onions also chop them.

Frying onions in olive oil with salt for 5 min, taking care to stir regularly to avoid coloring.

In a saucepan, cook the rice in salted water according to the instructions on the package.

In a bowl, mix the ground pork with the rice, onions, salt and pepper.

Plunge your spring onion green stalks to pot of boiling water for a seconds. Refresh them directly.

Garnished blanched cabbage leaves with stuff then closed whole thing with green onions.

Placing your stuffed cabbage in gratin dish. Moist with chicken broth. Cover with a sheet of aluminum foil. Baking at 180°C for 45 min.

In a saucepan, heat the tomato coulis.

Pour coulis into a serve dish. Placing stuffed cabbage leaves on this bed.

Decorate each small package of stuffed cabbage with a little paprika.

Enjoy !

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